Watch these magnificient birds.

The bustling community around our #AlbatrossCam continues to open our eyes to the complex rituals of these majestic birds. Our two nestlings in view, Honua and Kialoa, are now left to explore the site on their own as both sets of parents make the long voyage out to sea for the squid that fuel the youngsters’ growth. They have been returning every few days to feed the young birds, sometimes multiple meals a day, and spending time near the chicks. In addition to breeding activity, the cam site has been visited multiple times by “walkers,” or adults that are not breeding at this site this year. These walkers will hang out with the young nestlings and court with other walkers, often under the watchful eyes of Honua and Kialoa, and sometimes in groups of 3 or 4 adults. In the coming weeks we expect to see a third nestling emerge from a downhill nest site to join the fray.