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Be a part of Audubon’s first all-digital, mobile citizen science network. The Hummingbirds at Home website and smart phone app make it easy and fun to keep track o fthe hummingbirds you see while collecting valuable data that helps us understand how to protect them.

To live such high energy lifestyles hummingbirds must sync their migration and nesting times with the flowering of nectar-bearing plants. Climate change threatens to throw off this delicate balance, with unknown repercussions for hummingbirds. We know that scientific research will be essential for helping us understand how climate change is affecting hummingbirds and for learning what we can do about it. But it’s not that simple. Collecting the necessary scientific data across large areas is difficult and costly.

With your help we can begin the research necessary to answer important questions related to hummingbirds and climate change.

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