Live video feed of Stork family  

About Stork Family Nest:

Stella and Ayud began building a nest in Calatayud (Zaragoza, Spain) 50 days ago.
We warn that nature is not always beautiful, the 3 last babies hatched too late and were too small to compete for food.
We also warn that storks are mainly carnivores, they feed on mice, fish, smaller birds, etc.
The storks make turns every 25 minutes or so to take care of the babies. One takes care of the babies while the other is looking for food.
Storks have the widest windspan (3m) of all living land birds.
The best moments of the storks, like the eggs hatching, and the chicks in HD, in the web page  (you can change the language, look for the section storks and then click on highlights)
Stella (the female) has a white ring just above the right knee.
Keep watching for the feeding and growth of the babies, they can grow really fast.