House Wren live video feed  

Turn up the sound! Hear the chirping birds?

About House Wren:

This camera is located in South Western Pennsylvania, USA in an over grown field about 200 yards from a power source and Internet access. The camera is inside a nest box which was the home of a Tufted Titmouse. She had laid a clutch of 6 eggs, but the nest was under constant raids by a House Wren who threw out the soft nest material almost on a daily basis. On April 27th the House Wren returned, destroyed all of the eggs, and removed them from the nest. The Tufted Titmouse returned briefly to the empty nest and has not returned since. We are all waiting to see what happens next.

Update: April 29 – It appears the House Wren is taking over this nest box. They started construction of the nest today by placing sticks in the nest box. This is typical wren nest building material.

This is a unique camera system in that it has a 2nd motion-activated camera at the entrance of the nest box which will switch from the inside view to the outside view showing the birds entering or leaving the nest box.

This is part of the PixController, Inc. nest box webcam project. We have set up 6 different nest boxes. The nest boxes rang in size for larger birds such as Owls and Kestrels down to smaller birds such as Blue Birds and Wrens.

The nest boxes are setup in different locations from fields, woods, and wetlands to attract a verity of birds throughout the nesting season. The nest boxes all setup in wild locations and not in a backyard setting. We will move the cameras around into different nest boxes as they become active.

We thoroughly enjoy being able to use our technology to share these educational experiences and unique insights into nature with our viewers.

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