Live video feed of  a Bluetit Nestbox

About The Bluetit Nestbox:

Last egg hatched 5th May
Five eggs hatched 4th May

Incubation started 21st April (lasts 12-14 days)

1st egg laid 14th April
2nd egg 15th April
3rd egg 16th April
4th egg 17th April
5th egg 18th April
6th egg 20th April

This is a Bluetit nestbox located deep in the English countryside.
A pair of Bluetits started viewing the property at the beginning of January and on the 26th of March they exchanged contracts and started moving in (nest building).
So… fingers crossed.

The box is mounted on the wall of our house.
There are two ‘wired’ cameras in the box, one in the roof and one on the left hand side.
When in ‘roof’ camera mode, the entrance hole is at the top of the picture. In ‘side’ mode the hole is ‘top right’.
I have tried a wireless option but the quality suffers somewhat.
The cameras are switched by an ir remote control.
At dusk 6 infrared led’s automatically turn on via a light sensor, this helps with ‘night vision’
The cameras are kx-151 (google should show you) which I originally sourced from the states to put into a remote controlled plane.
The AV card is an Osprey 220.
The only thing that lets the broadcast down is the lack of bandwidth in the village, which causes freezing every now and then.

I have uploaded some photos of the ouside of the box to
 for those who are interested..