Black-Capped Chickadee live video feed

I saw an adult chickadee feed the new hatchlings and then carefully settle down on the nest to keep the babies warm and to hatch the remaining eggs. So exciting!

About Black-capped Chickadee Nest – Dee Dee & Peppi:

This nest box feed is from The web site is in it’s infancy (not complete), with the mission to provide information about cavity nesting birds. There is also a larger view window of the feed at the web site.

As of yesterday, 20 May, 5 eggs have hatched and 2 have yet to hatch.

The name voting for the chicks is complete and the results have been tallied – please see  for the results!

21 May-2010 – 5/7 eggs hatched so far, 2 more to go!

The nest is located near Seattle, WA

A new Nest Box (birdhouse) is up with a new camera installed for 2010. We have had Violet-green Swallows and Black-capped Chickadees prosepcting the nest already.

Last year (2009) I built a nesting box for Chickadees or Swallows, and had a successful nest attempt by Chickadees.

Please check out my website  that details cavity nesting birds, and streams the videos as well.