Celebrate Urban Birds at  www.celebrateurbanbirds.org  is a fun and accessible program that provides a wide variety of activities involving the visual arts, container-gardening, bird feeding, and more to help people discover and celebrate the birds in their lives.

Last year people found nests on coffee shop signs, on grills, on fences, in bathrooms, and on fake owls set up to scare birds away! The mission was to go outside and look for funky nests in funky places.

Enter 2010’s Funky Nests in Funky Places Challenge

Kaytee Photo-Video-Art Contest

Have you noticed any bird nests in your neighborhood? Go outside! Peek in a hanging flower basket, old boot, barbecue grill, or street lamp. Take a picture, share a video, do some artwork, or write a poem. Just show a funky nest in a funky place! Challenge ends July 1.

Details about this year’s challenge here http://www.birds.cornell.edu/celebration/challenge/Funky2010/FunkyNests/