Cooper’s Hawk is the light-colored bird at the top of the tree


Closer look at the hawk. You can see the long tail.

Yesterday and today there was another Cooper’s Hawk perched up at the top of the Sequoia tree in our backyard. The tree is about 50 to 60 feet tall so I had to use binoculars to identify the bird. This hawk appeared to be smaller than the bird I described previously (that looked like a paper bag up in the tree).

This hawk gave a repeated call that sounded like a low wheezing caw. The call was not the high pitched screech you often hear from birds of prey. Several Black-Headed Grosbeaks have visited our backyard bird feeders this spring and I thought the wheezing caw sound was coming from the grosbeaks. I usually hear this call when the grosbeaks are around so I attributed the low wheezing caw to them.

Back to the Cooper’s Hawk. The bird sat at the top of the tree for several minutes and then opened its wings slightly and dropped down into our neighbor’s yard as if using a parachute. These hawks are long-tailed woodland raptors with rounded wings adapted for hunting among the trees.