The 2008-09 season of Project FeederWatch began Saturday, November 8. You can sign up at any time. FeederWatchers keep track of their birds through the winter and report their tallies each week. 

Watching birds benefits science, but it can also be a healthy part of your routine. Hundreds of studies have verified that time spent watching nature can reduce stress. Bird watching is an educational hobby for families. Children love learning about birds! So why not slow down and watch the birds?  All you need is a birdfeeder with birdseed, an inexpensive pair of binoculars (under $20), and a bird field guide for your part of the US or Canada. Peterson and Sibley write great field guides.

Visit the PFW web site to learn more and to sign up. New participants receive a kit with a handbook, a bird-identification poster, calendar, and instruction booklet. There is a $15 fee ($12 for Lab members.) If you live in Canada, please visit our partner, Bird Studies Canada or call (888) 448-2473.