You are probably tired of me writing about the Mourning Doves in our yard but I must tell you what happened yesterday!

We have a nest on the ledge near our front door. It’s out of the way and high enough that the birds feel safe and no one going in or out of our front door is bothered. The Mourning Doves built this nest last year and raised two baby doves. It must be a good place for a nest because we’ve had three Mourning Dove families raised there this spring and summer. The first family raised two baby birds. The second family hatched one baby bird. And the third hatching had two baby birds. I look out every morning to see how much they’ve grown.

Well, yesterday when I looked out, one of the baby birds was sitting on the ground and the other baby was in the nest with its mother. My husband and I decided to put the baby bird back in the nest, so we drug out the ladder. I picked up the baby bird and was just about to put it in the nest when the mother bird flew out of the nest and the baby bird tried to fly but fell to the ground. I was so startled that I dropped the baby bird that I was holding. By the time I climbed down the ladder we couldn’t see either baby bird and the mother bird was flapping around on the ground pretending to have a broken wing. Birds really use this defense mechanism. We looked around and couldn’t find the baby birds so went back in the house thinking that our good deed was not so good after all and a little sad that something might happend to the baby birds.

Later that day I looked out around our front door and found the two baby doves and two adult doves huddled together on the ground. I had no idea that Mourning Doves were so devoted. Somehow the adult doves had found the baby birds and hurded them together.

This morning when I looked outside I didn’t see them at first. The sprinklers had been on so the birds were forced to move. I saw two baby birds and an adult bird sunning themselves a few feet away.