The two photos above were taken at night.

Last night about 12 am as I was going to bed I heard a noise outside on our deck. The bird feeders are on the deck. When I turned on the light and looked out, guess what I saw? A little black and white visitor eating bird seed. I decided to carefully open the sliding glass door to get a picture. The skunk looked up and then continued to eat bird seed. He or she didn’t seem to be bothered by the light or me looking at him or her. When I closed the door the noise frightened the skunk and he turned around with his tail facing the door. I guess I wasn’t perceived as a threat because the skunk went back to eating. One of his front paws is injured and he limps.



These two pictures were taken this afternoon. The skunk was photo shy and went under our deck.

This afternoon I looked out and there was the sknuk eating bird seed during the day. I was very surprised because I’ve only seen him after dark. Much to my extreme surprise there was a racoon in the backyard digging in the grass. I’m beginning to feel like we have a nature preserve. We’ve had deer in our front yard eating our shrubery. I’ve tried to photograph the racoon before, but the pictures taken at night did not turn out very clearly and the eyes were shining.