Two Almost Grown Mourning Doves in Nest


Two Doves in Nest with Adult Bird
Only one baby dove is visible. The adult bird has the long tail. The other baby is in the background.


One Almost Grown Dove Still in the Nest
Other baby dove flew out of the nest today!

The two baby doves have doubled their size over the past few days. I was worried because the two babies were alone in the nest most of the day for two days. I hadn’t seen the adult bird in the nest until today. The babies were growing and appeared healthy so I knew they had to be getting food from somewhere. The adult bird must have been bringing food when I wasn’t looking. The nest is by our front door and I look out several times a day to see how they are doing.

Today, I was out planting in my front yard and I heard a noise near the doves. One of the almost grown doves had left the nest and flown into the side of the house, then up to the roof. I guess the bird wasn’t injured because I didn’t see it again. The other almost grown dove remains in the nest. Today, an adult dove brought food to the dove in the nest.